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Psychotherapy is an effective way to tackle specific issues and also to look at deeper questions of meaning and personal growth.


Lots of people struggle with problems such as anxiety and depression, relationships and grief at some point in their lives. Therapy provides a space to work out what's going on and how to make changes. Others may come looking for a deeper sense of meaning and connection than they currently experience in their lives.


I work with Core Process Psychotherapy which is a contemplative approach that integrates the development of mindful awareness with Western neuro-psychological theories. It is informed by current scientific research but also rooted in Buddhist understandings of the nature of mind. 


What you can expect: therapy provides a safe and supportive environment in which to explore. The work is confidential and carried out in an environment of non-judgemental warmth and mutual respect. It is a given that we are each unique individuals with our own needs and personal history. The aim of therapy is to provide a safe environment for you to work on the issues that matter to you, at your own pace.


I abide by the UK Council for Psychotherapy code of ethics and am fully insured. I have regular supervision and undertake CPD. 

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